Madness what madness?

I wrote a post a few days ago (Mental: A history of the madhouse . . . . just how much has society changed) questioning just how society has changed in respect of its attitudes to mental health. As a part of that post I alluded to anecdotal evidence of people I know being harmed by the new process of assessment to access benefits.

Then came an amazing post at which just knocks you out with the honesty and immediacy of how much harm the assessment procedure can do to an individual. In short, this can affect the very  life of an individual. These health reforms and the urge to reduce costs can literally be a matter of life and death.

Torment is inflicted by those who are supposed to be the “great and the good”, (a largely privileged class) making reforms not on the basis of need but to satisfy Daily Mail headlines, ideology or monetary concerns.

Ali’s blog shows the heartbreak of a society that doesn’t care. Yet the reaction to it by those who have experience of mental health shows the great humanity that does exist by those that really understand the issues and what humanity is about.

My previous blog post also alluded to the rise of suicides in dark economic times, but with deliberate social upheavel created by a government deliberately attacking the welfare system, this will create greater stress on those with mental distress.

The madness seems always to be with those at the upper echelons of society, rather than with the rest of us. It always seems that the first port of call for politicians on the “reform” path is to take away the humanity and civility of our society and to put a price on it.

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  1. Thank you. Strength and courage to you.

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