Andy Coulson Resigns and David Cameron begins to squirm

Drip drip drip, as the information and evidence gradually builds and it is quite clear that the phone hacking allegations were not just down to one person, Andy Coulson’s resignation was only a matter of time.

David Cameron is trying to make out that Coulson is a victim, but this will not wash.  This political stench will hang around the Tory party for months to come as more details come out and will prey on peoples minds regarding David Cameron’s judgement.

The Conservative Party has form on this, with William Hague when party leader he asked a silly question and got a silly answer with Jeffrey Archer.  He asked if he had any skeletons in his cupboard and believed the answer he was given. Although not such an obvious lack of judgement on this occasion, you have to ask yourself why Cameron gave Coulson this job.

At the News of the World he was either inept and incompetent or corrupt.  Either way Cameron’s judgement appears lacking.

Maybe this is another aspect of the old boy network in the murky world of politics. I’m sure Labour would not hesitate to give their mates jobs in a new government regardless of the risks involved. Mandelson’s recurring resuscitation  being a case in point.

Interesting days, Ed Balls beefing up Labour’s Economic policy and the end of a close aid to Cameron, maybe this is the start of difficult times ahead for the Coalition.


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