I hate the word denial.  Those self righteous environmentalists who insist on using provocative language to stigmatise individuals who have a different point of view.  Ideological rhetoric is the route of all ignorance.

Last night I witnessed why so many in the blogosphere who refuse to accept scientific evidence on a number of subjects, clearly deserve little respect.

A few months ago I witnessed James Delingpole on Newsnight  stating the whole problem with climate change science is that the peer review process; the way science has progressed over the last century is flawed and cannot be trusted.  That it is not real science, it is flawed and was about politics and not science and that the whole of science had been discredited by the so called “climate gate”.

George Monbiot, uncharacteristically remained calm and tried to have a coherent argument with someone who found difficulty even entertaining the idea of having respect for science. He intimated that James Delingpole did not even read the peer reviewed source material which James did not deny.

It was a crazy conversation but one that stayed with me until this evening.  On Horizon: Science Under Attack, I saw the same individual, Mr Delingpole,  stuck for words as he explained that he did not read the original source material;  he did not read peer reviewed scientific studies because he did “not have the TIME”.  That he relied on other people in the blogosphere who read this material and analysed it for him and gave a point of view!!

This is a man who writes for the Times, Telegraph, and Spectator. Who has written several books :  How to be Right: The Essential Guide to Making Lefty Liberals History,[1][2] and Welcome to Obamaland: I Have Seen Your Future and It Doesn’t Work. Obviously from a specific very narrow political perspective.

I understand that he is stating he was quoted out of context.  That Paul Nurse took 3 hours of footage and took the section that best fitted with his argument. The problem with this is that  the footage that I saw on Newsnight was LIVE!  And corresponded with the ignorance shown on the Horizon programme.

Lets be clear, I am not someone who wants people to live in a cave, tree hug for a living, or wishes to call anyone a DENIER.  But I do expect people to accept the science and to at least read it in order to come to a conclusion!

James Delingpole, my advice is to read more original source and think for yourself.




3 responses to “JAMES DELINGPOLE, CLIMATE CHANGE SKEPTIC: Is he for real?

  1. Just replying to a Blog driver that thinks that more wind farms will save the world.

    PS if you tried to read all that is written and said on Climate Change you would need about 150 years then another 5 minutes to make up your mind that’s because you probably decided on the outcome, like the rest of humanity,before you started reading.

  2. I thought Professor Nurse handled James Delingpole extremely well during the Horizon programme. Delingpole looked like an articulate but narrow-minded prat to me – first time I had ever heard of him. Prof Nurse also put the East Anglia University climate “storey” into its proper perspective (at least for me) Balance is what is needed in science and he did that beautifully and in the British way – lethally understated. Life is really quite dull – people are not half as gormless as the media make out and we need to be more critical of the daily rubbish we are offered. The media as we know it days are numbered in any case as their stranglehold on news and comment is now lost to the masses in blogs like this one (PS well written – thanks) where there is a right to reply and be published. The market will decide which blogs are worth reading. Keep up the good work

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