METRONOMY LIVE: REVIEW Thekla Bristol 27/01/2011

My first gig of the year – the Thekla is always a good place to start even if the ridiculous 10 o’clock curfew ruins the spontaneity.

I managed to get there in time for the second support act Connan Mockasin. When I arrived I thought they were playing music in the background while people were at the bar and I’d missed the support.  I soon discovered that it was the support, the music seemed very subdued, as did the crowd.

Over the last couple of years I very often feel like I’m living in 1983 with the big hair, synth pop and rolled up sleeved jackets.  However, Connan Mockasin was more like being back in 1973.

Dreamy music with instrumental interludes, very low key and guitar playing very reminiscent of Andy Summers’ style, they were reasonably well received by the crowd, but not really my cup of tea.

Finally just before 9pm – the main event – Metronomy.  The crowd were amazing and really up for it.  The place was packed out, being a sold out gig.  The mosh pit was on it’s way almost immediately.

They went straight into some of their most well known songs, their last album “Nights Out-Because Music”, was a classic.  The atmosphere was great last time I saw them at Glastonbury 2 years ago, this time it was even better.

As usual, Big Jeff was there, in his usual spot next to the stage holding back the crowd as they surged forward from time to time in a sweaty heap.

A mixture of new and old stuff.  The new music went down well including their new single “She Wants”. Not quite the hooks of the last album, but this was a first listen.

Classics like Heartbreaker, Radio Ladio, My Heart rate rapid, Holiday and Thing for me. went down a storm, and  Joseph Mount found it amusing that the Bristol crowd were singing along as much to the catchy melodies as to the words of the songs!

An hour and 10 minutes of superb melodic dance music, great atmosphere and a sweaty mosh pit – great for the first gig of the year!

Metronomy were excellent and I cannot wait for their new album.


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