FORGOTTEN ALBUMS: Zerra 1 – Zerra 1

Zerra 1 were an early 80’s new wave band with soaring vocals and a sparse sound.  After the success of their first single “The Banner of Love” getting to       #33 on the UK indie charts, they signed to a major label, Mercury. The band consisted of 4 members, Paul Bell (vocals, keyboards), Grimmo (Guitar),  Michael Mesbur (Drums), and Adrian Wyatt (Bass).

The album when it came out in 1984 did not capture the imagination of the music press or audiences. The promise of their early indie following did not transfer to commercial success.

Their most famous track “Rescue Me” (from the 2nd album Domino Effect) was released following the release of this album and was used in an advert for Philips CD Players. This was a departure from the sparse sound of their first album and was a more mainstream stadium rock sound emulating the likes of U2 and Simple Minds.

But this album has something about it that suggests it should not be forgotten. The raw vocal and dark moody sound owes much to the moody new wave era. Definitely worth a listen  . . . . if you can get hold of a copy!


5 responses to “FORGOTTEN ALBUMS: Zerra 1 – Zerra 1

  1. Zerra who? I’ve never heard of them! What’s this 80s shit?!

    • Saw them at Glasgow Apollo,support to the Boomtown Rats,brilliant that night,I went and bought the album the next week

      • I saw the Boomtown Rats on that tour as well, I think it was their final album tour “In the long grass”. I really liked that album, but I think I was somewhat in a minority! I thought Zerra One were massively underrated.

  2. Chezza – what a total dick you are. You know nothing. Zerra 1 were awesome

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