FORGOTTEN ALBUMS: The Scanners – Violence Is Golden

Track listing

  1. Joy
  2. Lowlife
  3. In My Dreams
  4. Changing Times
  5. Bombs
  6. Air 164
  7. Evil Twin
  8. Raw
  9. High Flyer
  10. Look What You Started
  11. Violence is Golden

Forgotten albums worthy of note are not just for the distant past but for the here and now as well.  So often excellent bands fall by the wayside as the music press gives a side swipe to those not trendy enough or who don’t mix in the right circles.

The Scanners, who will be touring with their new album – SUBMARINE over the next few months, have largely remained under the radar in the UK although they appear to have had more success on the other side of the pond.  It is very strange when the likes of the Joy Formidable get so much press exposure, when a band like the Scanners don’t seem to get a look in.

The Scanners are a band comprising of  Matthew Mole  (Guitar, synths, vocals) ;  Sarah Daly (Vocals, bass guitar, violin);  Amina Bates (Guitar and Keyboards);  Tom Hutt (Drums).

They started their journey as an alternative band in London in 2004, releasing their debut album in 2008 in the UK, and came with bonus material of remixes which were particularly good.

They have supported some excellent acts including -The Horrors, Devo, Mystery jets, Charlatans, Wedding Present, Electric Six and Juliette and the Licks.

Their material has a raw edge to it and Sarah Daly’s voice is sometimes compared to the likes of PJ Harvey.  At times though their raw edge gives way to a more polished sound.  The songwriting can be dark at times and uplifting at others, and the energy flows throughout the album.

This is truly a superb debut album.  The pick of the tracks on the album are Lowlife, Joy, Bombs, and Raw.  All superb.

There is everything here for the discerning indie fan.  Darkness in the lyrics, over layed guitar playing, the odd quieter moment and remixes you can dance to.

The album will also grow with you, it has a longevity which is the biggest seller for me.  This is not a record you will be bored with after a couple of weeks.

I would recommend this album, it’s too good to remain undiscovered, and if you can, catch them live in the coming months.


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