YOAV: Live Gig Review – A Musical Magician

Yoav Gig at the Thekla Bristol

Yoav was born in Israel with an Israeli/Romanian background and grew up in South Africa. He was first seen on the radar in the UK in 2007/8 with live appearances and his debut album Charmed and Strange released in 2008.

It was released to critical acclaim and has achieved mainstream success in various countries around the world, however his success has been more limited within the UK.

I first saw him perform live in 2008 when he was playing support at the Thekla in Bristol.  I was lucky to catch his appearance and was mesmerised him.

This time was no different.  He played in the bar of the Thekla, on the upper deck to an intimate but enthusiastic crowd.  This time, his mesmerising performance was aided by even more gadgets for his feet to play with!

Set List

Little Black Box
Yellowbrite Smile
There is Nobody
Spider Song
Angel and the Animal
Adore Adore
Club Thing
Besutiful Lie
6/8 Dream
We are all Dancing
Where is my Mind

The reason for his mesmerising performances is due to the way he makes his music.  He plays a set with the full musical accompaniment of a band, with keyboards, guitars and percussion, yet he performs all these instruments through the creative use of his one and only guitar.

He uses his guitar to lay down various tracks on a loop, layering the songs in front of the audience, creating drums, keyboards, backing vocals, bass and guitar.

The first thing he does when he enters the stage is to take his shoes and socks off so that he can operate the array of pedals and buttons on the floor with his feet while playing his music.  It is a mesmerising performance, and some songs are extremely complicated.  This is not a gimmick however, the songs are beautiful, and his voice is versatile.

The audience is captivated by the wonderful songs and the way his songs develop before your eyes in the live setting.

His performance last night was well over an hour long and would have been longer if it was not for the usual ridiculous curfew foisted upon us by the Thekla venue.

Yoav has just become number one in his native South Africa with his song “We are all dancing”.

The man has to be seen to be fully appreciated, if you can, grab yourself a ticket at one of his shows in the UK or Europe over the coming weeks.


Charmed and Strange (2008)

  1. Adore Adore – 5:36
  2. Club Thing – 4:24
  3. Live – 4:10
  4. One by One – 3:47
  5. There Is Nobody – 3:56
  6. Wake Up – 3:21
  7. Beautiful Lie – 5:10
  8. Angel and the Animal – 5:06
  9. Sometimes… – 4:49
  10. Yeah, The End – 3:27
  11. Where Is My Mind – 3:25 (Pixies Cover)
  12. Wasteland Waltz (UK Bonus Track)

New Album  –  A Foolproof Escape Plan (2011)

  1. Greed – 4:36
  2. Moonbike – 3:41
  3. Safety in Numbers – 3:38
  4. Yellowbrite Smile – 3:49
  5. Spidersong – 4:00
  6. Little Black Box – 3:52
  7. Easy Chair – 5:03
  8. Anonymous – 4:15
  9. 6/8 Dream – 3:53
  10. We All Are Dancing – 4:06

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