BEADY EYE: The worst band since . . er Oasis

There are no guitar bands in the charts I hear the cry almost every week in some column or other debating the future of music.  Music journalists discuss the lack of originality in music and how pop music has been taken over by “manufactured” music and Simon Cowell.

In the last few weeks we have seen a remarkable publicity machine doing the work of the devil, as the “new” band from Liam Gallagher has showcased it’s new material.

The press has been lapping it up, with front covers in the NME and Q magazine.  The likes of Zane Lowe and John Kennedy lauding the “amazing” sound of the new album.

Then some reality checks as the first single doesn’t even hit the top 30.  There is a good reason for this, the song is crap, and the album worse.

For all the column inches and heaps of praise from Muso’s who frankly should know better, this band has been able to garner more publicity in 2 weeks than most bands are able to get in a year, yet their talent hardly deserves such praise.

Beady Eye are basically, well, Oasis without the talented one.  Noel wrote all the memorable and innovative songs, he even sang some of them.  The band that became Oasis in the first place was crap before he joined them, and now we are left with the scraps of this defunct outfit.

Don’t get me wrong, Oasis did some amazing things, their first 2 albums were superb and their attitude a breath of fresh air at the time. However, since the absolute debacle of Standing on the shoulder of Giants, which has to go down as truly one of the most disappointing album of all time.  The album that was to break America, saw them lose their way in spectacular fashion.

Despite a few high points since then, they achieved little in terms of innovation following this ill fated project, even though a few classics like “The importance of being Idle” and “Little by Little” kept them going.  They ended on a bit of a high with Dig Out Your Soul which was quite a good effort, however, for many they had become the Status Quo of Brit Pop. And this is where Beady Eye have taken off.

The very worst aspects of Oasis have been cobbled together to reproduce the most derivative, uninspiring dross.  Truly awful run of the mill music, ripping off as much of their idles as possible.

It is truly unbelievable that radio stations are still playing this awful music. and even worse that music publications decide this is what people want to read about.

Next time people discuss, where is the guitar music these days? Point them in the direction of Beady Eye and they will see exactly why.  If muso’s think this is worth the oxygen of publicity God help the music industry.


2 responses to “BEADY EYE: The worst band since . . er Oasis

  1. Just spent 20 minutes writing a review and then I read and realised I’ve wasted my time. This was spot on, good stuff

  2. Good article although I do like Beady Eye. I think the 13-track album has some interesting high points in Wigwam and Kill for a Dream and Millionaire, the former offering an example of the band’s tendency to branch out. See, the thing about music is that taste is subjective! I dislike the manufactured nature of music the past ten years has produced. But in 20 years’ time a generation of 30 somethings will look back with fond memories on the likes of Bieber and JLS or whoever it was that helped ‘shape’ them in some way. Oasis did that for me. Beady Eye are making decent music and have a good attitude and having seen them live on two occasions I know that they can put on a good show. SOTSOG was a disappointment pour moi also but does have a few good songs like Where did it all go wrong and Who feels love? But the energy was not there..

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