YUCK: YUCK – Album Review

Now we know what happened to Cajun Dance Party, the catchy song smiths Daniel Blumberg (Guitar, vocals) and Max Bloom (Guitar, vocals) have created a new project, now joined by Mariko Doi (Bass),  and Jonny Rogoff (Drums).

From North London, New Jersey and Hiroshima; this band have taken on the guise of a niche US indie sound akin to Dinosaur Jr, sonic youth and the early 1990’s shoegaze crowd.

It sounds as if this could truly be horrible, derivative nonsense, and a waste of your time to listen to, however, this is far from the case.  This album is truly excellent, and up their amongst the best of it’s genre.

It opens with an instantly catchy song Get Away, with a haunting guitar lick, and a sound reminiscent of the pixies. Quieter moments with the dreamy Shook Down; Suck; and the sublime Suicide Policeman; there are explosive moments with Holing Out and my pick of the songs Operation which sounds rough around the edges but again has that haunting guitar which holds the whole thing together.

You can hear a bit of Teenage Fanclub and Pixies in the music and for those of a younger age The Pains at being pure at heart.

I quite often have a go at derivative music that borrows far too much from eras’ of the past (see my previous post on Beady Eye!).  But as has been said before, there is only good or bad music, and this definitely fits into the “good” category.

Perhaps it feeds on my indie disposition but having grown up with the likes of the Pixies and a myriad of wannabe indie bands of the time, these do not sound like wannabe’s but genuinely have something to offer.

This won’t be the best album you hear this year, but it will give you a lot of pleasure.


1.   Get Away
2.  The Wall
3.  Shook Down
4.  Holing Out
5.  Suicide Policeman
6.  Georgia
7.  Suck
8.  Stutter
9.  Operation
10. Sunday
11. Rose Gives A Lilly
12. Rubber


Holing Out
Get Away




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