Bahrain in Crisis and the West Stays Silent

The current situation in Bahrain would be uppermost in peoples minds if it was not for the unprecedented recent events elsewhere around the world.  So far the US, EU and UK have been almost completely silent on the issue of Saudi Arabian troops in Bahrain and the crackdown occurring by the security forces there.

The situation is getting rapidly worse with reports of security forces surrounding the hospital and preventing people going in and out.  Last night on the world service there was an almost hysterical appeal, almost the pleading, of a doctor at the hospital in Manama asking for help and that people are dying as a result of the action of the security forces.  They are running out of food and medical supplies.

Today, reports of more deaths and the clearing of the central square are beginning to knock David Cameron’s vanity project of a no fly zone off the front pages.  There is now footage of a protester standing in the middle of the road in front of security forces waving his arms and being unceremonialy shot in the leg. So much for freedom of assembly or speech.

Finally the UN human rights chief has stated she is “shocked” at recent events and that Bahrain should “rein in their forces”.

One rule for one and one rule for another is the name of the game for the west.  It is rumoured that the US did a deal to get the Arab league to agree to a no fly zone and to arm the rebels in Libya and in return no action would be taken over events in Saudi or Bahrain.

Bahrain is looking more and more like an old style fascist dictatorship that is ruled by a minority while persecuting a majority.  Shooting unarmed people, ; preventing freedom of speech and assembly and not allowing any kind of protest. This dictatorial regime is no different from any other, including Saudi Arabia, but nothing will happen.


Lets just gather around our tv screens while sending trade delegations to sell them more arms, that’s the way we normally respond. While were at it perhaps we should invite the leaders to the royal wedding.  Yep I’m sadly not joking – see Craig Murray’s take on it

Cynicism over western foreign policy is due to the hypocrisy that exists, at some point we have to wise up to this and respond with a more equitable and ethical foreign policy, otherwise in future there will be still more people who want to destroy our way of life, because of the way we facilitate the destruction of theirs.

Times a ticking and it’s time for a rethink.


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