LIBYA AND THE UN RESOLUTION: The Hawks are ready to make political capital out of war

As the enormity of the UN resolution hit home, the usual suspects in the press are ready to make political capital out of the decision to go to war.  One good example is the Tim Montgomerie Blog here

Unbelievably, the language is triumphalist at the great “Diplomatic Triumph” and commentators are now talking about “military success”.  The article goes on to explain how skilled William Hague and David Cameron are, and that they were not incompetent in the way they have dealt with their foreign policy.  A foreign policy that basically did not exist until 2 weeks ago.

William we now learn did not lose his mojo and we have all forgotten that Flashman Dave was  being a second hand arms salesman just a few days ago.

Of course this article, and many others throughout the media like the Spectator, don’t even mention the wider picture.  People being murdered in Bahrain for instance.

This article also now wants to go further and wishes to arm the rebels.  This is a favourite way of dealing with the middle east.  That is before we end up fighting the people we have armed years later when it all goes wrong.

It is the bigger picture that is missing here.  All we are hearing is that Cameron won 10-0 in the UN security council.

I genuinely hope that the conflict is over quickly and the “no fly zone” works and prevents further bloodshed.  But the underlying hypocrisy of our attitude to foreign policy and the inability to learn from history and see the wider picture is frighteningly present.

We, as a nation represented by the majority of our press, is just like it was before the Iraq war and every other conflict we have been involved with, almost jingoistic in tone, and the idea it will inevitably be a quick and overriding success.      I hope they are right.

No doubt Cameron’s standing in the polls will increase and the triumphant noises of “political success” will continue over the coming weeks.  He will not be the first Prime Minister to gain political capital from going to war, and sadly he is unlikely to be the last.


2 responses to “LIBYA AND THE UN RESOLUTION: The Hawks are ready to make political capital out of war

  1. I felt sick reading Tim Montgomerie’s article you referenced. I can’t quite believe that anyone can be so flippant about such a serious subject, and can’t stomach how anybody could try to turn a situation like this into political gain. It really does make me feel that our political system is malignant beyond control. It is a serious thing taking any kind of military action against anybody. How could you possibly treat it so flippantly. Have we not learnt anything from Iraq?

    As much as I feel for the people of Libya, I agree that we need to have a consistent policy. Nothing was done about Zimbabwe. Nothing is done about anybody else under threat unless our politicians think they can gain the upper hand. Who can get excited about military action against a despotic regime under these circumstances? Not me.

    • I am glad I am not alone in my feelings. It is the ultimate sick act to try and claim political gain out of a very sad and serious situation. Taking military action is a very sobering experience, not least for the civilians involved and of course the military personnel and their families.

      Thanks you for your comment.

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