Pete and the Pirates Live Review: The Cooler, Bristol, Friday 11th March 2011

This was a much looked forward to gig, with the tasters of the Pete and the Pirates new material, their new album promises to be a cracker.

First up on the bill were the  Bravo Brave Bats who gave good bluster with their music, even though there could be an unfair cutting comparison with other bands with a lead singer / drummer in their midst.  The crowd really warmed to their music, which was lively and enjoyable, although could be somewhat tighter.

Rough around the edges with a new wave/alternative sound I fully recommend giving them a listen.

Next up were The Kick Inside that I have heard quite a bit about, however I have to say that there is little to offer here.  Although their music is not offensive, some may well find it even pleasant, there appears to have been no effort to go beyond copying your idols. If you like the Smiths/Housemartins/Brilliant Corners, then under normal circumstances I  would say you would like this, however, I’m not so sure.

Only those who have not experienced the mid to late 80’s indie pop would find this remotely interesting.  But I suggest that if you do, then seek out the real thing which is far superior.

Finally, and with Big Jeff doing his stuff at the front of the stage, Pete and the Pirates came on to rapturous applause.

They were excellent doing almost a 1 1/2 hour set, with new and old material.  The crowd was up for it with Big Jeff leading the way.  Great favourites were played like the superb I’ll Love, Come On feet, She doesn’t belong to me, and the excellent Mr Understanding.

Their music is really maturing as the new material like Winter and Come to the Bar show.  It is fantastic that some bands labelled with the indie fodder label actually prove critics wrong,  Pete and the Pirates certainly fit this, who along with the Maccabees are progressing their song writing skills way beyond the restrictive indie label.

This was a superb set.  I had never seen them live before but they were really superb, lots of energy and really gave everything.  The length of the set was also surprising given that they are only one album into their career.

This was a great night and I cannot wait to catch them on the festival circuit.

The Cooler venue –

The Kick Inside –

Bravo Brave Bats –

Pete and the Pirates –


3 responses to “Pete and the Pirates Live Review: The Cooler, Bristol, Friday 11th March 2011

  1. Cheers for your review of our show, we reckon you got us prety spot on! 🙂
    If you fancy another show we’re launching our next EP on Friday 1st April at The Louisiana with Bristol’s SJ Esau and London’s Tessellators. Should be an ace eve if you could pop along and possibly write another review?
    Let us know if you can/want to and we’ll obvs sort guest list.
    Cheers again for the review!

    • Thanks for your comment.

      Sadly, I can’t get to the gig on the 1st of April but I can’t wait to hear your new EP and give it a review. I would love to catch you live again so let us know when your next playing. Its great to hear music from a band that sounds like they mean it.

      All the best, Jason

      • Cheers Jason! We’ll send you a free copy of the new Green EP for yr review… Address to send to? Drop us an email 🙂

        RE gigs: if you want to know when we’re next playing, all our shows are posted on our website:
        Do deffo let us know if you can make any of them and we’ll try to sort out guest list tix for you!
        Cheers for the support,
        Bravo Brave Bats

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