The time has come for an alternative to be put forward.  Labour has failed to make the case, impotent Balls and Miliband have left it to the rest of us to shout loudest and make a case.

Sadly I cannot be with the marching thousands today in London, I feel very guilty about this, however I am certainly there in spirit and thinking of the ways we can oppose the devastating cuts we are about to endure and how we can challenge the economic orthodoxy we have endured for the last 30 years which marches on in all the political parties.

The Virtual Protest site gives an opportunity to be involved which is an excellent idea.  have a look if you have not seen it.  The images are very creative.

I sincerely hope that there will be a big following at the march so that the government realises what it is up against.  This will probably be the only time society can show just how against the course this government has taken we are, and how the lies it has espoused and the lack of mandate it has, de-legitimises it’s actions.

A big turn out today, without violence will show the coalition it has tough times ahead.

May the 5th will also be a key date in the diary.  But with such few alternatives to vote for, it will be difficult other than a protest vote to make a dent in the arrogance of the coalition.

Good luck with the March.


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