CHANGES BRISTOL: Mental Health Charity and its 12 steps to recovery

Changes Bristol is a Mental Health charity based in the Bristol area who have taken the formula of the Changes organisation in and around Stoke on Trent that has been a tremendous success in supporting people through mental health problems over many years.

It holds meetings in and around the city of Bristol that allows for anybody to attend without prior notification in order to discuss where they are in their lives and how mental health affects them.  It is there to provide a structure from which people can help themselves, signposting other organisations and ways in which could be helpful to future mental health progression.  It is non-judgemental and non religious.

It uses a 12 step strategy in order to help signpost ways to recovery. These are:

1. Admit you’ve got a problem
2. Take action
3. Trust and cooperate
4. Get the power
5. Use and develop personal resources
6. Begin personal evaluation
7. Cultivate healthy thinking
8. Cultivate healthy behaviour
9. Realise that feelings are not facts
10. Get on with your life
11. Give it time
12. Pass it on

When we are in a bad place, to take 12 steps seems an impossibility, but over time we can all move towards a better place.

The organisation is run and lead by users of the service and are not health professionals.  They have, in other words, “been there”.

The kinds of people who use Changes are people experiencing various levels of mental distress, including: worry, feeling low, confusion, anxiety, panic, depression, mood swings, strange ideas or senses playing tricks.

Never give up hope in times of despair, an organisation like this can help people cope with mental health issues and live a fulfilling life.  Sometimes to know that there are others who are going through similar traumas or have been through it in the past can give us hope and belief in ourselves.

If you live around the Bristol or Stoke on trent areas, try looking up these organisations. or call on 0117 941 1123


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