MEDIA DESPAIR: Why the March for an Alternative has been hijacked by the government

The past few days have been exceedingly depressing.  The media has seemingly done the coalition’s job for it and taken their side hook, line and sinker.

The media’s thirst for the sensational has now had the drip, drip, drip affect into the public’s conscience.  Lets forget about why people were marching look there are people with balaclava’s on.  “Oh those nasty anarchists” the BBC and SKY news pundits cry.

The newspapers all lead with the violence except for the Guardian who put it into it’s proper perspective.  Even the independent went down the classic editors route of putting burning flames on the cover to sell more copies.  All quite pathetic.

Half a million protesters, a carnival atmosphere, working class, middle class, upper class – marching together with their families through the streets of London to show the government the masses disapproval. What do we get at the end of it??  The Home Secretary Theresa May saying they are looking into banning face masks.  How ridiculous.

The media has to take a massive hit here, not in blaming the messanger, but in massively creating a story far larger than it warrantied ahead of the real main story.

I have never seen so many column inches and television broadcasts over a few hundred idiots who decided to cause trouble over half a million – yes I will say that again HALF A MILLION  people demonstrating against a regime of economics that could plunge our country into despair.

I have no problem in the media covering the violence, just on the amplification ahead of what was a peaceful and dramatic expression of ordinary hard working peoples will in our country.

As for Theresa May, whatever next? Lets just ban all demonstrations that should sort out the problem.  Lets stop people from wearing a scarf in winter, or the Burqa, all these nasty people, just so sinister.

What we should be concentrating on is not the head dress worn by a few idiots but the policies being inflicted on the country.

UK uncut have done many things that are excellent in bringing awareness to the hypocrisy of corporations and Bankers, and their occupations of some buildings turning them into useful public areas has been excellent to see.  This is thoughtful and off the wall direct action that adds to the mix.

Smashing a few windows and bringing objects to throw at the police and causing violence is ridiculous and splits the public.  The 2 things are not the same and the idiots who use these tactics only serve to do what they always do and that is split the left, or turn a sizeable section of the masses against the demonstrators.

This couldn’t have been hijacked any better if David Cameron had hired a bunch of hooligans to discredit the no to cuts campaign.

The media need to take a large proportion of the blame for this, but so do the small amount of people who left their brains behind on Saturday.


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