Andrew Lansley Faces Humiliation from the Nursing Profession

The dogmatic way in which Andrew Lansley has approached the NHS over the past 10 months has been staggering to watch, and today he was humiliated again, this time by the nursing profession.

The cartoon above sums up the car crash of the policy that is the NHS reforms. David Cameron having to step in to save the policy and the fortunes of his government.

Today Nurses voted overwhelmingly to back a motion of “no confidence” in the Health Secretary Andrew Lansley.  It was not just overwhelming but almost unanimous with the vote being 99% to 1% in favour of the motion.

Andrew Lansley characteristically would not speak to the nurses at the conference, but if he had of it would have been a talking to in the same way as he has been talking down to much of the health professionals over the past 10 months.

Over the past week he has been pursuing a face saving agenda, doing interviews just about everywhere explaining he is “listening”.  Yet at the same time stating that he has overwhelming support throughout the professions, including the BMA, GP’s and Nursing profession for his reforms.

Some how, nothing he says seems to chime with the notion of “listening”.  The pause for thought appears to be a 2 month stop gap to push the message home or to re phrase the policy rather than change anything.  A process of double speak is in operation.

Delegates at the Royal College of Nursing conference in Liverpool today voted for a no confidence motion sending a clear message that they do not trust or have faith in Andrew Lansley.  The problem with Lansley’s position is that he cannot attack the nurses for being lefties who don’t do any work while at the same time stating that they are valued and needed in the NHS and that he is listening.

The ideological nature of the reforms discussed here are clear to see and could irreparably damage the Health service if any reforms are not taken at the correct speed and with the right motives.

The more the pause for thought continues the more it looks like a filibuster, a playing for time, rather than a real willingness to listen and change the policy for the better.

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