Independent Record Store Day 16th April 2011

Today’s the day all record collectors and vinyl junkies, and general music lovers having been waiting for, record store day. 189 independent record stores around the UK along with many in the US and around the world open their doors to crowds of people hoping to pick up the odd limited edition item specially released for the day.

I got up at 5:45am for the occasion, originally intending to get to Rise Records in Bristol by 7am, but ended up going a bit earlier at 6:20am.  To my surprise there were already 13 people ahead of me!  By 7am there were nearly a hundred, and by 8am, when the shop was opening the queue stretched almost to the end of the street, over 150 people.

Luckily for me, they let in about the first 15 people and stopped the queue to avoid the “scrum” that would inevitably ensue if everyone was let in at the same time.

The excitement had been building for some time as people were drooling at the window seeing what copies they were stocking.  Bar a few frantic moments it all went very smoothly and other than one item  managed to pretty well lay my hands on the copies I wanted.

The staff were incredibly well organised and helpful and were helping people find that special copy they were after.

After queueing for an hour and 40 minutes, I was pretty much done, and spent out within 15 minutes!  It was like being a boy in a sweety shop and I could have easily spent double the amount of money that I did.

I managed a big haul which my partner I’m sure will appreciate!!:)   –   Big Star 3 Test Pressing; Doors Mono re-issue; Radiohead 12″; Esben and the Witch 12″; Black Mountain 7″; Badly Drawn Boy 7″;  Clash 7″; Toots and the Maytals 7″;Vaccines album; Grinderman 12″ and the Gorillaz album.  All in all a pretty good day, or 15 minutes!  Sadly I was unable to enjoy a leisurely day hanging around due to work commitments but, maybe next year I will have more time. . . . . . . just waiting for the credit card bill!

Looking at the response from the good humoured crowd of people queueing I am sure the record store day this year will have gone down a storm.  Can’t wait to get around to playing some of my finds.


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