The Flobots garnered many fans with their 2007 release Fight with Tools and their single Handlebars, the video of which is superb. The band consists of Jamie laurie, Stephen Brackett, Mackenzie Gault, Andy Guerrero, Jesse Walker, and Kenny Ortiz and come from Denver Colorado.  I missed them last time around so was really keen to get to see them this time.

They came on stage around 8:45pm to a raptuous applause.  The venue was not full, maybe only two thirds full, 300 people max, but this did not diminish from the atmosphere. The drums started, EXTREMELY LOAD to get our attention and then Jamie Laurie and Stephen Brackett came on stage before the rest of the band joined them as they ploughed into their first song Save Yourself and then raised the tempo with Saved Atlantis from the new album Survival Story.

The night was an eclectic mix of funk, rock, hip-hop, and the sound of the viola intertwined.  A fusion that you do not hear often!  It works fantastically well and it is hard to understand why their music has not had more widespread recognition.  Maybe it is the highly charged political content of the lyrics which can put many a music journalist off their stride.

Their set was excellent hitting one high after another, showing a diverse array of musical talents.  We were greeted to the delights of a drum, bass and a viola solo during the set which were excellent, the likes of which I have not seen for some time but which were extremely entertaining.

The gig went from strength to strength as they hit the Fight with Tools material with Stand Up, Fight with Tools, Handlebars and Rise, after which they retired for a while before coming back on stage for an encore.

They returned to bring us the delights of Panacea for the poison, Rhythm Method, and the Effect. 

After an hour and a quarter the band went off at the 10pm curfew as usual with the Thekla.  I think they were taken with having a gig on a boat!

An excellent gig. I cannot recommend this band highly enough.

Full set list:

Save Yourself
Stand Up
Good Soldier
Fight with Tools

Rhythm Method
The Effect

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