NICK CLEGG FINDS A PART OF HIS BACK BONE: Taking the AV debate to the Prime Minister

Finally, Nick Clegg has taken the AV debate direct to David Cameron’s door by accusing the NO campaign of being a right wing clique.  The narrow section of society that is opposed to AV is obvious to see with the only political parties to oppose the change in our voting system being the Conservative Party, BNP and the Communist Party. 

The gloves were finally taken off as Nick Clegg took the fight to the narrow interests of those who want to keep the stale political system in the hands of a two party state.  The old guard of the nay sayers in the Labour Party who seek only power for themselves along with the whole of the Conservative Party and the extremist parties.

Nick Clegg said “This nasty No campaign, I hope, will prove to be the death rattle of a right-wing elite, a right-wing clique who want to keep things the way they are. That’s why they are lashing out.”

It has been obvious that the no campaign has been stating complete untruths over their opposition to any change in the voting system and any other constitutional  change.  The extremist language used by high profile politicians in parliament and the House of Lords like Baroness Warsi has been disgraceful, yet the yes campaign has remained level headed in it’s approach.  But this approach is not working as recent polls have shown. 

It is about time the gloves came off, as the no campaign has got away with the most scurrilous  accusations and most of the time diverting the arguments away from the voting systems themselves to other issues of funding and costs which are a complete red herring.

The divisions in the coalition are widening as the true nature of the Tories takes hold and the Liberal Democrats realise the bed they have made for themselves.

David Cameron will come out fighting more and more as his political future depends on the no vote winning.  Many on the right of the Tory party will not forgive the deal done in coalition if AV is accepted by the public.  Likewise, the LibDems will feel they are not getting enough from the deal if they do not get the change.

There is already movement over House of Lords reform in the background if the No campaign wins to placate their LibDem partners.  But will this be enough?

The LibDems though are not in a position to break from the deal they have done as annihilation at any election in the short term is assured.

It is time for the YestoAV campaign to get it’s hands dirty and take it direct to the personalities who have been telling the untruths and spreading the fear of extremism which ironically is coming from the extremists themselves.


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