I can’t quite believe it, but yesterday morning there were rumours flying round the capital about a movement of armed forces within the city.  The streets were deserted and the security services were on red alert.

The secrecy of the state and the media blackout has been astounding, but today I finally discovered that there is, no wait for it, a ROYAL WEDDING.

Apparently Will and Kate, the love birds of the beloved British Royal Family are getting married.  A shock to us all, and how well the secret was kept.  Which begs the question, what has happened to the BBC?

The BBC have been concentrating on such trivial matters as war in Libya; massacres in Bahrain and Syria; the UK referendum on the future of democracy in this country; the proposals to irreversibly alter the NHS; and the biggest recession in the UK seen in the last 60 years.  When will the BBC and other news organisations get their priorities right?  This trivial nonsense  that we get day after day and the pictures of body bags coming home from war regions around the world are so ridiculous, only the BBC could get away with it.

What we need is 24 hour news about the Royal Wedding of course, real news and not trivial nonsense.  So the question should be, has the BBC been deliberately boycotting the  Royals.  Rumours of the BBC turning into a left wing, nay communist enclave have been rife in such excellent publications as the Telegraph, Spectator and Sport.  Maybe Sky Sports is showing its true Republican colours by keeping the Royals off the headlines?  It is simply a scandal.

Another rumour circulating has been that the Royals have been embroiled in the Super-injunction scandal, however this has been forcefully denied by the Palace.

Some like the Robert Peston’s of this world in the economic sphere, are saying this is a clever ruse by the Chinese to sponsor the wedding, thus plunging the UK into further economic mire by distorting our balance of payments deficit as people rush out and buy Union Jacks made in China.

But as more information comes forth, the quietness of the media and the announcements may simply be because it will not be a state occasion and they just wanted a “quiet do”, at the little church of Westminster Abbey.  A good call I would say.

Well, now the cat is out of the bag, I hear finally the BBC are reporting it, now and again on their bulletins.  But perhaps we should revel in the Royals, their obvious concern for our country in the midst of a recession and the concern of democracy around the world, a small, modest occasion is just what the country needs.

I for one will be celebrating this occasion, in the true British way, having a pint down in the centre of Bristol.  But with the lack of media coverage and so many other things going on around the world, will anyone else join me??


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