The Kabeedies; These Ghosts; and The Cads Live Review at Mothers Ruin, Bristol

This was the first gig I had been to at the Mothers Ruin in Bristol.  An unusual venue, where the bands play upstairs on a kind of mezzanine. It’s a very small area, but if you don’t want to actually see the band  you can stay downstairs and have a drink while listening to the bands.

We arrived early for a few beers before the bands started, £2.00 a pint before 8pm, can’t be bad!

First up were The Cads  , who are from Ipswich, England, and comprise of James Brown, Stefan Vincent, Nathan Garrity, Tom Bishop, and Ryan Conway.  A particularly good name for a band, they have been making waves in he Ipswich music scene for some time.

Their music is grounded in the indie genre and were described when they first came on stage by someone in the audience as somewhat “derivative”.  This rather disparaging remark was soon forgotten as the band ran through their songs for the set.

They were tight and their live performance was excellent.  As the set continued their song writing  abilities and catchy tunes came to the fore and sounded much more individualistic rather than simply a copy of what has gone before.  This is definitely a band to look out for.

Next up were These Ghosts, with a more mature sound, a three piece who defy their lack of numbers with a full and atmospheric sound that could easily fill a much larger venue with ease.  A review of their album YOU ARE NOT LOST, YOU ARE HERE here sums up a lot about their sound.

They consist of  Calum Duncan, Nick Yager, and Harry Hall.  A young band who’s obvious music ability can easily be seen which will no doubt put pressure on them to produce and improve their sound.

Their set went down well and the crowd were very appreciative.  Another band to look out for.

Finally, the main event arrived, the Kabeedies. They are a band from Norwich, England, a 4 piece in the indie genre with an amazing amount of energy. Members are  Katie Allard – Vocals, Evan Jones – Guitar and Vocals, Rory Hill – Bass guitar and Vocals, Fab Bell – Drums.

Their music is incredibly energetic and they were obviously enjoying themselves throughout the gig.  The crowd warmed to them as their set continued and the vocalist Katie Allard’s stage presence and energy came across superbly.

The band, rather than have one main lead vocalist tend to share the vocals between the two guitarists and Katie, making an interesting interplay through the songs.

I inadvertently heard the Kabeedies a few months ago on a late night radio show and thought they sounded really interesting, and so put them down in my diary for their visit to Bristol.  I was not disappointed.

As  a live entity they are superb, while their music is grounded in excellent song writing, catchy songs and interesting lyrics.

My pick of their songs would be their single “Santiago”, as well as “Jitterbug”, “Good Luck” and their final song, the superb “Apple”.

Their full set list:

Little Brains
Drowning Doll
Come Out of The Blue
Good Luck

Kabeedies are a gem of a band, and if you can,  you should look them up on their continuing tour of the UK.


Anna Calvi
Big Audio Dynamite
Lykke Li 
Pete and the Pirates, Bravo Brave Bats 


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