NHS REFORM: The Penny is Dropping for David Cameron

The ideological madness that are the NHS reforms, has suddenly hit the top of the Coalition Agenda and Andrew Lansley could be ready take the biggest fall from grace in British politics.

Even in the right wing press, and those of who are the most ideological opponents of the ethos of the NHS are beginning the ground work for an acceptable U-turn on NHS policy.

First David Cameron put a well publicised pause on proceedings, while Andrew Lansley did his tour of the media insisting that he would listen but essentially the reforms would proceed.

Wheeling out the big guns of David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Andrew Lansley in a three pronged attack and charm offensive was thought to be a good strategy.  However, in reality the intellectual arguments against the reforms have simply not changed.

However, the irony of the overwhelming victory of the Tories in the local elections and the decimation of the Liberal Democrat vote has now galvanised the LibDems into fighting their corner.  After all, they have little to lose.

It is true that in one way they are in a weak position if a snap election was called, however, the Tories could not guarantee an overall majority and may end up in a worse position than they are now if they take the gamble.

The Coalition has set out its stall for a 5 year Parliament and the whole strategy, which incidentally, I think will succeed, is to ride the storm, wait for the economy to pick up and go to the polls ready for a Tory majority.

Now, however, the LibDems have nothing to lose now the debacle of he AV referendum is well and truly behind us, they have to show how they can affect the policies of the government.  The next important target on the horizon is the NHS reforms.

The LibDems have to show they are able to change policy for the better, and Nick Clegg appears to have found a small part of his back bone and is changing strategy to disagree in public and to show the differences between the LibDems and the Tories rather than have a show like a national unity government.

Even the likes of Fraser Nelson are saying it would not be the end of the world if the NHS reforms were thrown out.

Andrew Lansley is now trying to defy the laws of gravity by arguing against the Labour party on the basis that their reforms are more left wing than labour! Defying all the coalitions arguments and policy rhetoric of the past 12 months.

Andrew Lansley has been arguing that Labour would cut more money from the NHS than the coalition intends and this would lead to less nurses, doctors, beds etc.  However, when the left argue this we are told it CAN be done by not affecting front line services and by efficiency savings.

So, as usual, it is one rule for one, and another rule for others.

The truth is that the public do not and will not trust the Tories with the NHS.  They WILL NOT win this argument, so the right is arguing they could still re arrange the NHS, bring in privatisation, without a large unwieldy bill.

More stealth and less rhetoric is the order of the day.

Andrew Lansley has been working on this for the past 7 years, and is seeing his ridiculous ideological madness falling into the abyss of failed political careers.  He must be in line for an award for the most years spent in politics without achieving any outcomes whatsoever.  If I was cutting waste in government I know where I would start, and I think David Cameron may be having the same idea.

Meanwhile this is the first week of a new look Lib Dem coalition partner.  The NHS bill will either be severely changed or ditched all together.  There is no other way, and there is no other direction for the Lib Dems than to insist on this.  Whether that will be enough to save them from annihilation is unclear.



2 responses to “NHS REFORM: The Penny is Dropping for David Cameron

  1. Snap election? I thought the coalition had brought in fixed term parliaments. Could somebody please explain to me how they could call a snap election?

    • The bill to try and compel future Parliaments to adhere to a 5 year fixed term Parliament was defeated in the Lords 2 days ago. It will go back to the commons to be reconsidered. This is an important constitutional change and many are against it. Until this bill is passed an election can be called at any time.

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