The Cameron Government Losing the Faith of it’s Followers

A very interesting article today in the Spectator, with an excellent picture that really somehow fits my image of the government.

I think many would applaud this picture of the government, but perhaps not for the reasons Fraser Nelson would wish!

His article shows, as with much of the criticism levelled at Ken Clarke earlier this week, that it is the Cameron supporters who appear a bigger danger to his government than any opposition.

The right wing of the press see the Cameron government as not going quickly or far enough in it’s policies and wants to get rid of it’s so called more progressive elements.

Everyone is waiting for the first domino to fall to make a reshuffle inevitable, and that of course is Mr Huhne.  David Cameron made a big play over how it was wrong to make so many reshuffles  when Labour was in power.  But like much that he said before the last election, he is likely to be eating his words.

The problem for Cameron is clearly the lack of talent in his midst.  He cannot trust is nearest and dearest and is constantly left making U-turns or sorting out badly made policies.  Like his insistence that government should have fewer advisers; more de-centralised decision making and letting ministers get on with their jobs – all this lack of policy detail and supervision has left a disjointed government with inept people doing bad jobs and making bad policy.

If indeed there is a reshuffle – who will he bring in?  Is there really more talent to be utilised.  Another thing to bare in mind for the next election – there will be even fewer MP’s to chose decent talent from to fill government posts due to the reduction in seats in Parliament.  He may live to regret that one as well.



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