PRESIDENT OBAMA SHOCK: New Conspiracy Theory Over Birthright

The Conspiracy Theorists are out in force.

After the shock that Obama may well indeed be born in the USA, it is now being widely reported that he has ancestry that dates back – no not to Africa but to Ireland.

The flags are out, the Guinness is being consumed and T shirts are being sold.  Hurray for the news that Obama has a more palatable lineage for the American right wing conspiracy theorists to concentrate their energies on.

Fox news can’t wait to get it’s teeth into this one.  Not only does he have ancestry heading back to the black continent of Africa; his middle name is Hussein; but now he has ancestry leading back to Ireland.  Surely more reason to question his birthright to lead the USA, after all there are so many high quality Republican candidates who could do so much of a better job, sponsored by the level headed Fox News.

The spanner in the works however, for the conspiracy theorists, and no doubt those that will be reading this – just see the comments on the last post on Obama from the likes of MICHAEL,  – is that finding Irish ancestry for an American President is likely to INCREASE his support rather than decrease it.

Obama has had the best 2 weeks of his Presidency and Fox News and the Republican Party are scratching their heads.  Surely there is a conspiracy theory in here somewhere?


One response to “PRESIDENT OBAMA SHOCK: New Conspiracy Theory Over Birthright

  1. accept it.”

    DOWD (9/13/09): I’ve been loath to admit that the shrieking lunacy of the summer—the frantic efforts to paint our first black president as the Other, a foreigner, socialist, fascist, Marxist, racist, Commie, Nazi; a cad who would snuff old people; a snake who would indoctrinate kids—had much to do with race.

    I tended to agree with some Obama advisers that Democratic presidents typically have provoked a frothing response from paranoids—from Father Coughlin against F.D.R. to Joe McCarthy against Truman to the John Birchers against J.F.K. and the vast right-wing conspiracy against Bill Clinton.

    But Wilson’s shocking disrespect for the office of the president—no Democrat ever shouted ”liar” at W. when he was hawking a fake case for war in Iraq—convinced me: Some people just can’t believe a black man is president and will never accept it.

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