SPECIAL OR ESSENTIAL: David Cameron rolls over and gets his belly tickled by President Obama

So here we are again, the great SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP is talked about, mostly by British politicians and the Press.

Now we have a new emphasis on the terminology used by US Presidents to get that familiar feeling, we are now being told it is an “essential” relationship.  Essential no doubt that the British hang on as tight as possible to the coat tails of the US super power as they exercise their power and we try and pick up the scraps of influence and economic advantage.

The sad fact is that the UK’s influence in the world is constantly diminishing and the importance of the ties between the US and Britain are also diminishing. More importantly, the relationship is one that the British need and the US could live without.

The US barely ever mentions this so called “special” relationship except in only some newspapers and only when a British Prime Minister visits the US.

It seems it does not matter who the British Prime Minister is or which colour party he/she represents, they soon swoon to the tune of the US and talk up their Liberal Interventionist credentials.  Ed Miliband is already doing so in opposition.

Perhaps we could gather some real perspective by understanding that if we were positioned on another area of the globe we inhabit we might see things somewhat differently.

The talk is of the state visit to the UK by President Obama.  Actually this is a week long visit to Europe.  Two days will be spent talking to the G8 countries along with a visit with the Russian President and Polish President.

I am not diminishing the importance of the visit, but can we please stop this sycophantic attitude that all our Prime Ministers have toward the US.  Please.


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