Hard to believe but the gutter tabloid press have sunk to even lower depths this morning as the one enormous story has been virtually ignored other than by 2 broad sheet papers.

The latest allegations are that Glenn Mulcaire on behalf of the News of the World hacked into the phone of the missing Milly Dowler and deleted messages giving her loved ones false hope that she was still alive.

The depth of concern this case now raises is multi dimensional.  We have “sources” telling high profile reporters and MP’s that there were 5 people within the News of the World organisation that would sanction such phone hacking.  If this is the case this surely puts the darlings of Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks in the firing line.

This case puts into question the main defence of gutter journalists that phone hacking was aimed at celebrities who court the press for their own means and are therefore fair game.

However, other than the moral depravity of these newspapers, this also calls into question what newspapers will do to get a story, in this case actually deleting potential evidence and prejudicing a criminal investigation over the death of a child.  Surely the only word to describe this is “sick”.

What is astounding though for such an important story that has prompted a statement from the Prime Minister this morning, that NO TABLOID NEWSPAPER HAS REPORTED IT. Missing from all the front pages including the Times when this story just gets bigger with each twist and turn. The Sun for instance reported it in a 2 inch x 1 inch column on page 2, the graveyard page.

As Tom Watson MP has highlighted there is a political nature of this scandal, with both the leadership of the Labour Party and Conservative party implicated in cozying up to newspaper owners and turning a blind eye to corrupt practices.  Both political parties are clearly scared of the consequences of even questioning the actions of newspaper editors.

We also have to call into question the ridiculously inept investigations by the Police and the FACT that it is common place for the police to break the law by selling information to newspapers.  This corrupts our criminal law at source.

Will Daniel Finkelstein again go on national radio this morning as he did a few weeks ago and insist his paper has given this story the coverage it deserves? That is without laughing out loud.

The tabloid press, top politicians and the heads of News International are in it up to their necks and this story will run and run as we stated on this site some months ago.  It won’t go away and will drag the establishment down to further depths in the eyes of the public as time goes on.

A free press?? I hardly think so.



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