So the News of the World has closed, a sacrificial lamb for the News International organisation.  However, the spread of cancer continues with more allegations almost by the hour, and with each allegation the cancerous infestation spreads further up the hierarchy of News International.

The brazen way the Murdoch’s have flown into town, smiling faces beaming, to protect the ever beleaguered Rebekah Brooks defies belief.  For an organisation that prides itself on being in touch with it’s readers, it seems woefully out of touch with the crisis being unveiled on a daily basis.

Apparently, Rebekah Brooks has now offered her resignation twice to Rupert Murdoch, and has been turned down on both occasions. This just defies belief.

The gamble of sacrificing the News of the World to control the contagion has ceremoniously failed.  It was as transparent as could be, when the announcement came.  Sacrificing the jobs of the (largely) innocent in order to save the reputation of News International and with the hope of saving the take over of BSkyB.  A wholesale failure in the ability of a News Organisation to comprehend the enormity of the wrong doing of their reporters and editors.

The strategy – to cut off a limb in order to save the body, while already planning to graft on a new limb in the not so distant future – ie) The Sun on Sunday.  Cynical, manipulative and transparent strategy that at the moment at least is failing.

A lot of warm words for the News of the World yesterday as the paper closed it’s doors, however, other than the loss of the jobs of the innocent is a tragedy, the fact is the News of the World was the rag of a newspaper, that largely earned it’s money by prying into the private lives of the rich and famous for the tittle tattle and titillation of the public.  Not “in the public interest” which may justify such reporting techniques, but for the “interest of the public”, which is clearly not the same thing. I for one will not be crying over the final copy of the News of the World.

As the photos of the Murdochs yesterday show how out of touch they appear to be, appearing to be arrogant in the face of the law breaking of their organisation, as the water mark of the crisis continues to rise.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that at least the supervision of the company by executives of News International was lacking, but more worrying is that actual corruption that high in the company could be what comes out of the latest leaks of information.  In short News International are up to their necks in this crisis and the sacrifice of News of the World was a massive miscalculation.

The Murdoch’s have lost control of this crisis and yet every day more cover ups are uncovered.  Now the BskyB take over is in real trouble and the News International Brand has been damaged.  Even their most fervent allies in parliament and elsewhere cannot see how this takeover can go through at least for the foreseeable future.

Some allegations reported this morning even alleges that 9/11 victims may have been hacked.  If this story runs, then his business interests in the US will be damaged.

Meanwhile David Cameron is also sinking in the mire of bad judgements.  By not admitting that he made a mistake, he is giving ammunition to his critics both in the opposition and to his opponents in his own party.

The question now for Cameron is did he ignore the advice of senior Liberal Democrats, Conservative Mp’s and investigative journalists because of his friendship with Coulson – ie) the etonian tendency for the old boys network and nepotism.  Or did he ignore the advice simply due to arrogance?

Another possibility may have been his wish to foster further close relations with the Murdoch Empire.  Which ever reason it is, it is anything from bad judgement – to arrogance – or even corrupt nepotism that is now dragging down David Cameron’s reputation.

The politics of the Cameron U-turns and the fortunes of David Cameron’s personal rating are wrapped up in the belief that Cameron’s judgement is good; that he listens, and that as his party flounders in the polls his personal ratings remain high.  This could now be the turning point of that trend.  His personal brand, if you will, could now be damaged.

We passed the honeymoon period at the beginning of the year as the major U-Turns took hold, however, now we could be reaching the turning point for the Cameron effect.  It took over 6 years for the Blair effect to wear thin, for Cameron it may be seen as being only 13 months!

As predicted here – this story will run and run, and David Cameron will bare a brunt of the fall out.  Only time will tell however, if any of this will really change the political climate in this country, regarding politics and the media.



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