CLIMATE SCEPTICS PROVED WRONG AGAIN: The BBC give too much weight to fringe opinions

Forgive the use of sceptics in the title, but the often mantra of the right wing, hysterical commentators and those that claim that “warmists” run the BBC have been found wanting in an independent report published today.

Professor Steve Jones headed the report investigating science reporting on the BBC and has concluded that the BBC give far too much weight to those on the fringe of scientific debate.  In many cases, in debates on current affairs programmes and news programmes the BBC often, in the interests of balance provide two opposing viewpoints on a topic such as climate change or GM foods.  This gives the impression that actually there is a debate raging at the heart of the scientific community about what the science says or that their were major doubts over the science.

This is something that has been argued by those campaigning for action by government and world bodies on climate change such as George Monbiot and others.  The widely held belief was that the BBC often confused the public by giving too much weight to fringe opinions and sometimes influenced the public’s opinion, to the point where they may have seen the truth as somewhere in between the two opposing views.

This will no doubt anger those like Fraser Nelson, Melanie Philips and James Delingpole who have often stated that the BBC has used bias against the right wing and those who do not believe in the global warming theory.  Indeed many articles by James Delingpole and Melanie Philips – one earlier this week indeed, have given rise to a large conspiracy theory affecting the life of the nation by the BBC corrupting debate on a Lefty agenda.  The BBC is seen as “promoting” the climate change agenda and not giving proper opinion to those who disagree.

This report shows clearly that this view is ridiculous, and that these voices are on the fringe of science, politics and discourse in the relevant fields.

I would imagine that there will be a tirade of articles now from the very highly visible fringe of people who constantly pursue the advocacy of a conspiracy of the BBC on British Society.  No doubt Melanie Philips will be tying herself up in knots in a fit of rage over the report.  Quite an amusing thought.



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