Britain’s Night of Riots

I’m writing this at 2am and now the unrest has hit the city in which I live – Bristol.

The 24 hour news saturation is now in it’s element as they switch to different areas of London, shops and buildings ablaze.

I heard the Police helicopter hovering above a few minutes ago before I heard that riots had hit Bristol in Stokes Croft, St Pauls, Broadway and Cabot Circus, not too far from where I live, only a mile or so down the hill.

I initially went to bed with the knowledge that there was sporadic violence in areas of London and a building alight in Croydon.  I was woken by my partner with the knowledge that riots had spread to other areas of London near people we know, rioters and looters damaging buildings within 100 yards of our friends houses.

Now we see fires being started in shops with flats above and breaking into shops and looting seemingly at will to grab mobile phones and bottles of beer.  Stories of people breaking into residential properties.  It seems only a matter of time before people die in the numerous fires being set a light.

Just seen a report interviewing Diane Abbott with her asking people to stop wrecking their own communities while  2 youths behind her giggle while talking on their mobile phones.

I don’t think I would have believed this could happen in Britain if I had not seen it with my own eyes.  The wilful destruction of property and businesses – peoples livelihoods being destroyed, jobs lost and families homes destroyed.  Do these people have a clue what they are doing?  Do they care?

There have been odd occasions in my life I have felt ashamed to be British or English and I’m afraid I am beginning to have that same feeling again.  It seems sickening that communities that work their arse off to make a living for their families and pride in their areas have their hard work destroyed by a small number of people who simply do not care.

At a time of recession and hard times, falling living standards and international financial crises; the last thing the UK needs is people destroying the very fabric of society that we rely on.  Our economy, jobs and family income will only suffer after the last 3 days of violence.

I would not be surprised if David Cameron employs a Curfew policy for tomorrow night, as the only way for the Police to regain control.  I never thought I would see something like this in my lifetime in the UK.

A sad night.


One response to “Britain’s Night of Riots

  1. I think looters living in Britain receiving free education, benefits from government have no morals or human compassion to inflict such terrible apostrophes they have done over the past few days.
    How can they do this to their own country they are staying in?
    They have nothing to complain about, people in third world countries, in Somalia are worse of than them and they are doing this.
    They are nothing but selfish mindless soulless thugs that deserve to be evicted from homes and apologise to every shop owner, family and individuals they have hurt.

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