UK Governments Libyan Deceit

THE TRUTH WILL OUT – Is an often used phrase, and these days with electronic communications, social networking and the internet it is perhaps more apt than ever.

While David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy bask in the limelight of a job well done, and how they were so “brave”, Papers obtained from Human rights groups seem to show that the  UK security forces and the CIA colluded with the Libyan leadership and Muammar Gaddafi against the very opposition groups allied forces are now championing.

It is hardly startling news.  Hypocrisy apparently runs hand in hand with Politics, yet it is no wonder so many of the British public are cynical of military action and the motives behind them.

MI6 apparently provided intelligence about exiled opponents in the UK to their counterparts in Libya and the CIA even abducted “militants” and handed them over to the Libyan authorities to no doubt be imprisoned (if they were lucky), tortured, or killed.

From the information so far obtained it is less the official story of letting Libya in from the cold, as bending over backwards for his mild co-operation.  No doubt all in the name of the ridiculous “War On Terror”.

From Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi’s release to the sickening smiley handshakes and “fake tents” with Tony Blair to the current crop of damning revelations, the cynicism of the public will only grow deeper.

Yesterday, I watched the unveiling of the morning papers review on the Andrew Marr show where Deborah Haynes, Times Defence Editor, announced that these revelations were hardly surprising and “well that’s politics”.

It is amazing how the normalisation of disgraceful acts can justify almost anything these days as if we should throw up our arms in defeat.

Where the likes of Deborah Haynes gets it totally wrong, is that politics is not an end in itself, it is a facilitation of societies needs.  The fact is that the acts of politicians affect peoples lives.  What we are talking about in Libya, is not the gossip on Capital Hill or the Westminster village, but the torture and killing of innocent people.

The ramifications stretches across our foreign policy and the middle east, from Iraq to Libya.  Politicians play their games, supporting whatever they feel suits them at the time, building up dictators and selling them intelligence and arms and then when it all goes wrong to put our own men and women on the line to sort the mess out.

Deborah Haynes could not have been more wrong – it is not politics – it is people.

Wherever we turn we see deceit at the heart of government, never more so than with our foreign policy.  This is largely due to the lack of accountability and transparency.  Foreign policy and “security” always bring with it the cloud of secrecy that can be enforced.

Our security services can collude in torture and rendition; send our special forces to the middle east, far east and South America; and support despicable regimes in private while the rest of us are kept in the dark.

How many of us knew the SAS was training troops and fighting in South America in the 1970’s and 1980’s at the time or even now?  To no doubt help the fight against those evil regimes that were either elected democratically or opposition groups who do not have access to democratic institutions.

In the end our armed forces often end up picking up the pieces of the ill thought out politicians game plan when it all goes wrong.  The rest of us become yet more cynical and our reputation in the world continues to nose dive.

Will we ever, ever learn?


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