PETER AND THE HARMONICS – Live Review, Louisiana Bristol, and Album Review

Speculative gigs to see new bands play are always a hit and miss affair, but on this occasion there was nothing to lose as it was a part of the Bristol harbour festival.  A wonderful annual event that brings the heart of Bristol to life.

A wonderful arts and music festival throughout the weekend was to begin on the Friday night.  So I headed down to one of the fringe venues at the brilliant Louisiana.  I was attending on the recommendation of a friend who knew a member of the band.

Whenever you get an invitation to see a band because they are a friend it is a bit of a double edged sword.  What if they are awful?

Luckily on this occasion, there were no such fears.

Peter and the Harmonics, a local Bristol band comprising of

Pete Stilwell (The Francos)
Lead Vocals and GuitarEd Falconer (The Francos)
Guitar, Violin and Backing VocalsJimmy Curry (45’s and Snatch22)
Bass Guitar and Backing VocalsTom Chillcott (Nova Saints)
Drums and Backing Vocals

arrived on the ground floor stage at about 7pm and from the off had a little more than the average band to offer.

Their Facebook page lists their influences as Neil Young, The Band, The Coral, The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver.

This is one of the few influences list that I have seen which does have some bearing on the type and quality of the music they play.

Pete Stilwell has a sweet voice that commands attention right from the off, and you can tell from the hush of the crowd that the band has them where they want them, listening to every word and note.

The set moved along with variety and ease and the band were able to have a rapport with the crowd, always a help on a festival night.  From acoustic numbers, violin interludes, rock and ballads the bands repertoire was excellent.

The band sounded tight, and brought across their music brilliantly.  They were a real delight to watch and listen to.  A definite depth to their songwriting from the catchy Over Me to the Bluesy These Terrors I Know.

Despite the fickleness of the music industry, if these guys keep it together I’m sure they will garner much interest in the future.

I managed to get hold of their home made EP with the tracks Over Me, These Terrors I Know and Gold is the Morning.  I would certainly recommend giving them a listen or trying to see them as they do gigs in the region.


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