David Cameron Ditches His “Green” Credentials

It’s funny how the veneer of politician’s promises and posturings suck so many into the path of follies heaven.  David Cameron, like Tony Blair before him, is a master of saying it well, but meaning very little.

Zac Goldsmith must be wondering what on earth he is doing after the latest party conference season.

The announcement from the Conservative Party of ensuring that the UK will go no faster than anyone else in Europe to reduce carbon emissions, just about ends their bid for the “green” vote in the UK.

With a road building expansion on the horizon, increasing the speed limit on motorways (exactly the opposite to green policies to reduce the speed limit) and the loosening of planning controls making “sustainable development” or “economic benefit” the main objective of any consideration of planning applications, those defending the environment in various respects must be in a tail spin.

Add all this new bluster to the debacle that was the big “Forest sell off” that never was and some may be wondering which party really is speaking up for either rural Britain or the environment.

It has been a highly amusing rise to mediocrity for the environmental evangelist Cameron.  He who stated soon after becoming leader that all houses should put wind turbines on the side of their houses  . . . . . before someone pointed out, a little late, that they don’t work on the roofs of houses!

Then showing how much of a new man he was by cycling to work, while the gas guzzling car carried his parliamentary papers behind him.

Those who fell for this nonsense must be pretty sick right now, but then again they only have themselves to blame.  Cameron was always a charlatan when it came to green policies with a naked act of trying to show how touchy feely the Conservatives are –  re branding with a tree, and a few well spoken titbits to titillate the some time middle class environmentalists was all that was needed.

Priorities dear boy is what we are told makes this government different.  They pick the right priorities for the UK’s future.  With that in mind, it is highly efficient and environmentally friendly, not to mention a very good use of resources to bribe councils with £250 million to   .    .     .     .   yeah wait for it – an extra bin collection.  Great.

My advice for Zac is give it up mate, you made a pact with the devil and now you have to look at yourself in the mirror and simply admit – you got it wrong.


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