Liam Fox is on the run as the Hounds get the scent

Oh dear, it doesn’t take long for the usual sleaze and grubby nature of those in power to take the rise out of the tax payers that pay their wages.

So far we have had Andy Coulson, that is still damaging the Prime Minister, having to resign.  He should never have been employed in the first place, but hey ho.

We also have many MP’s who took the rise out of the tax payer through MP’s expenses, still in Parliament, giving a lie to the idea that all we had to do was have an election and eject those that were crooked.  When even the Prime Minister had to pay back expenses he morally should never have claimed in the first place, you have to question whether anything has changed.

Like Animal Farm – the noses in the trough never really changes.

The problem for the present minister in trouble, is that the public and the press are not in the mood to accept unacceptable behaviour, or even, behaviour that LOOKS unacceptable from those in power.  There is very little trust in public officials, and the press cannot wait to have a go at those politicians that have been rubbing their hands with glee at the hacking scandal.

So what of Liam Fox? Is he corrupt or simply a prat?  His relationship with Mr Werritty seems puzzling to say the least, but not surprising when those in power like to give their “jobs for the boys”.  It has always been who you know not what you know when you get into government.

The jury is out at the moment but it doesn’t look good.  This article shows the web within which Dr Fox is entangled Sunday Telegraph . What looks particularly bad is that when he has been asked very simple questions by the media he has refused to answer a single one.  He is well aware that any discrepancy in what he says will be pounced upon.  But what does he have to hide?

There are questions over soliciting meetings for business dealings; Adam Werritty taking advantage of their friendship by handing out business card stating he was an advisor of Dr Fox; and most seriously being involved in various situations where national security could have been breached.

It is all very bizarre, but the vultures are circling.  Silence is never a good thing when all around you are commenting on your alleged misdemeanors. The correct response would be to put all the facts on the table, if there is nothing in the story, and there is nothing to hide, then come COMPLETELY CLEAN straight away.  To say next to nothing and appoint an enquiry into your own conduct is not very clever.

One commentator this morning said it reminded her of the Major government, which is unfortunate to say the least.  The last thing this government needs is to divert their attention from the task in hand.  Whether it is Cat gate or Liam Fox and Adam Werritty’s relationship, it is a self made diversion that could well lead to a resignation.

The PM’s office was less than forthcoming in their initial support for Liam Fox which also casts doubt on his position.

The Preliminary report in the affair will be given to David Cameron tomorrow, and he has an important task.  With his dithering over the hacking scandal, News International and Andy Coulson, he needs to show that a) he knows what is going on and b) that he can make a decisive decision that he will not have to roll back later.

There is no doubt that there is a stench in the air, but whether this will take the scalp of Liam Fox remains unclear.  However, the talk this morning in various newspapers is that there may be a slight lack of judgement involved, trying to play down any misdemeanor that may be proven.  Surely a lack of judgement does not bode well for Dr Fox?

With the pack in chase, whether Prat or sleaze,  it does not look good for  Dr Fox.

Fox on the run?


3 responses to “Liam Fox is on the run as the Hounds get the scent

  1. Liam Fox clearly has to go, but why is his dismissal taking so long, and why are the LibDems so quiet on the topic ?

    • I find it amusing how every government that gets into power suffers similar avoidable problems. The LibDems are playing their cards close to their chests probably because they know that it could easily happen to one of their ministers. Huhne is still being investigated himself at the moment.

  2. Everybody deserves a second chance – unless you are a spotty youth in the North West who pulls a badly timed Face book prank. We will have to wait for zero tolerance for government ministers’ misdemeanour’s. With catgate and a Fox going to ground we are entering Animal Farm revised?

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