So what have we learnt this week.  The wonderful festive season, Christmas; the season of good will and festive cheer. Whether we are looking forward or looking back surely this is a good time of year?

Well so far this week we have endured the commercial greed of the high streets with cries of – Recession what recession??  , fighting on Christmas eve as Marks and Spencer’s slash  their prices on food; a stabbing in the boxing day sales on Oxford Street; and someone shot in Salford along with the inevitable cries of “Did you not know a Dog is for life and not just for Christmas?”.

However, despite the inevitable doom and gloom a lot of good things have been going on.  Despite one person being shot in Salford, many in the community managed to get around without being shot and even see their families along the way.

Many people up and down the country have been, well enjoying themselves.  Seeing friends and family; giving to charity; and even partaking in community activities, making sure those living alone do not become isolated at Christmas and the homeless have a place to stay.

There IS a positive AND a negative, yet looking at the way we portray the world in our news bulletins as they come into our homes, the world is not always such a dark place.

This is why I propose something quite radical.


Yes yes I know – only negative news sells, but all I am asking is half an hour.

We have wall to wall 24 hour news, yet we hardly let ourselves catch breath before we have to “drop the dead donkey” for news of the Euro or some other calamity.

Balance in reporting come in many guises.  Not just between differing view points but between positive and the negative.  I propose that now and again, not even every day, but periodically the 24 hour news channels give up half an hour for positive news.

How about it?  Is it really that hard?


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