EXTRANEA – “Foreigner, (female) ; Outsider” 

This site is a sounding board for political and cultural thought. I discuss politics, economics, music, mental health, travel, and environmental issues.

I currently live in Bristol, England, but have lived in various places around the UK.  I have travelled widely in South America and else where, and this along with my employment having been mixed, in both white and blue collar work, has affected the way I see the world.

I despise Dogma of any kind and I have no time for the ideology of the left or right of the political spectrum, indeed it is my view that these ideologies have been a scourge on our society over the past 30 years.

I love music, and my tastes are varied. Music gives me goose bumps, as do snow capped mountains.

I have experience of mental health issues and I currently engage in the voluntary sector.  Mental Health is a much misunderstood aspect of health provision and is one of the last taboos of modern society.  I hope some of the links and articles on this blog will both educate and help in this regard.

Please feel free to engage with debate and constructive criticisms are welcome. Some articles are written by guest bloggers who may remain anonymous.


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