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SEE NO EVIL Graffiti Art Exhibition Nelson Street, Bristol : The Largest Street Art Project In Europe

Yesterday saw the unveiling of the See No Evil Graffiti Art Exhibition on Bristol’s Nelson Street.  A once drab concrete and rather ugly city view turned into a bright and vibrant scene with street art at it’s centre and celebrated with a wonderful street party.




The atmosphere was wonderful as people flitted between the 3 DJ stages, with 2 on the road and one on the “mezzanine” looking down onto the street below.

Bristol has a vibrant art scene for all ages and it was fitting to see such an impressive and adventurous project backed by the local council who helped fund the project.

Beer was supped, people danced and families came together in the spirit we would expect in Bristol.  Only a week after the last excuse to celebrate with the Balloon Festival and before that the Harbour Festival – it appears Bristolians need no excuse to party and let their hair down.

There were artists from around the world to turn the street from its drab beginning into an artists paradise – the likes of Los Angeles’ El Mac, Bristol’s  Nick Walker and Spain’s Ariz – 70 artists in all have transformed Nelson Street.

Indeed the day was so successful – could this not become and annual event?

It was great to be in a crowd of laid back people having a good time putting the stresses of the world to the backs of our minds for a day.  There has been enough bad news lately – to have a coming together for the right reasons was a wonderful feeling.

Another great day for Bristol.