This site is not meant to be a polemic, an opinion on the right or left of the political divide, but a reasoned argument based on pragmatism and realism. Any links to websites does not mean that I agree with what is written, but that they provide an interesting perspective ar an alternative point of view.

My perspective on politics has been developed over time due to my experience within the workplace, where I have seen bullying, racism, sexism, good and poor managerial practices.  I have worked in environments that are good and bad, been paid well and poorly, and carried out white and blue collar work. I have worked in unionised workplaces and non unionised workplaces.

My background is one that I would consider to be working class, I went to a comprehensive school, but I attended University in England on two occasions, which many would now say makes me middle class – take your pick.

I have also experienced unemployment and have experience of mental health issues.  This has all shaped the way I see the world.

Inevitably in these times of a new government and economic upheaval many of the posts dealing with politics and economics will be concentrating a critique on the coalition government policies.  This does not mean I am a supporter of other political parties.  I have never been a member of any political party and I have voted in various ways throughout my lifetime.  It is pragmatism not dogma or ideology which drives my political view point.

Please feel free to engage in debate with regard to my posts, and I would be grateful if you have any factual information that would better inform a particular point of view or article.

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