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FRED THE SHRED, FRED GOODWIN THE BANKER AND SUPER-INJUNCTIONS: There are many worse names he is called!!

For the article on Fred Goodwin losing his Knighthood see here

So here we go, this may end up being a rant on a Thursday afternoon, but why not?

According to the Guardian article here http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2011/mar/10/fred-goodwin-superinjunction-banking the Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming has used his Parliamentary privilege to announce that Fred Goodwin has applied for and . . . er . . . . yes been granted a Super-Injunction to prevent him from amongst other things being identified as a Banker!

Has the world gone completely mad, or am I turning into a middle aged Daily Mail reader all of a sudden?

So now the press is not allowed to call him a banker, or report on the fact he has an injunction preventing him from being identified as one.  The full details of this particular injunction obviously cannot be discussed, so we don’t know what indiscretions he wishes people not to know.

Not content with contributing to the near complete collapse of the financial sector of the UK economy; or indeed the entire UK economy; and causing thousands of redundancies; public sector pay freezes and billions of pounds of public sector cuts that will harm the economy and harm the most vulnerable in our society – apparently this is all a trifle and he needs to spend MORE of our money, taking up the judiciaries time to allow a super injunction for the super rich to not be called by his previous profession.

Some have called this “absurd”, I would use slightly stronger language than that.  It certainly shows how certain people in our society who have all the privileges in the world, show how detached from reality they really are.

This comes after more news this week showed a massive gap between bonuses for bankers in the UK and the profits obtained by their institutions, see http://bit.ly/fugCbd. After Mervyn King confirmed how detached from reality the Bankers are, see http://bit.ly/h9YW2X.

Today the chat on the likes of Twitter is of Bankers waving pound notes at the save the NHS protests, just another insult to many already received.

Super-injunctions are:

An injunction obtained in a secret convening of the court where in the result, the court file, the names of the parties and even the terms of the injunction order are secret except as between parties, counsel, the judge and court staff.

They prevent the disclosure of the identities of those involved and the disclosure that an injunction exists at all. They tend to be used by the rich and famous to prevent their “dirty linen” being aired in public.  But more insidiously  can be used by multinational companies to prevent the reporting of disgusting acts of corporate vandalism as with the oil trading firm Trafigura gagging the Guardian over its reporting of the dumping of toxic waste being in Ivory Coast.

The UK is a laughing stock throughout the world as we are used as a libel tourist destination.  When newspapers dig around for a story somewhere in the world, they are told to stop digging or they will “see them in court”, in the UK that is.

The government is so keen, like many previous governments to pass as many laws as possible, to carry through an agenda before they lose an election. Maybe they should spend a little time to deal with the misuse of laws first before labouring us under the weight of yet more.

As asked by the Liberal Democrat MP in Parliament today –  is it that “there’s one rule for the rich like Fred Goodwin and one rule for the poor?”.  I think we all know the answer to this sadly.