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Due to the Super-Injunction:
You can call him a tosser, You can call him a wanker, But whatever you do, Don’t call him a banker
Fred Goodwin:
WAS a Banker … now he’s a laughing stock.

Breaking News: It can now be revealed why the Super-injunction does not allow us to refer to Fred the Shed as a banker:

Film News: Fred Goodwin rumoured to be next Bond Villain.

I say I say I say:

A banker, a Daily Mail reader and a benefit claimant are sitting at a table sharing 12 biscuits. The banker takes 11 and says to the Daily Mail reader: “Watch out for the benefit claimant, he wants your biscuit”

Guess the odd one out:
Lord Stevenson, former chairman, HBOS Bank
Andy Hornby, former CEO, HBOS Bank
Sir Fred Goodwin, former CEO, RBS Bank
Sir Tom McKillup, former chairman, RBS Bank
John McFall MP, chairman, Treasury Select Committee
Alistair Darling, Chancellor of the Exchequer
Sir terry wogan, presenter of the BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show

It’s terry wogan, the only one with a banking qualification.

Remember folks: banker will lend you his umbrella when the sun is shining, but will want it back the minute it starts raining

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